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About Healing Hertz FM

Healing Hertz FM is an online radio station. Acoustic therapies are becoming more and more popular as a means for self-healing within the body. Sound frequency healing is a therapy method that uses brainwave manipulation to treat various health issues. Like insomnia, anxiety, depression, and nervous system disorders. Research indicates that exposure to various frequencies can alleviate psychiatric issues and stimulate the body to heal physical ailments through genetic signaling. Knowledge is power, and understanding that daily exposure to specific Ambient music frequencies can significantly improve health is a game-changer. VGN is excited to announce the launch of its 11th Healing Hertz FM station, bringing positivity, goodness, and healing to all listeners worldwide.

Website: HealingHertzFM

FaceBook: Village Global Network, LLC

Language: English

Email: info@villageglobalnetwork.com

Contact Number: +(380) 221-KIMI (5464)

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