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Want to consume quality news and entertainment? Although in Chiang Mai. There are a lot of community radio stations. But radio stations are operated by the emphasis on quality. And meet the needs of the people of Chiang Mai are very few. So the community radio stations 91.75 gssm Chiang Mai news and entertainment station. It is a professional radio station. Standards are based on the principles of operation of radio stations and standards of good journalism. With the program can meet the needs of Chiang Mai people. The news at the event. And modern entertainment. Equivalent to the main radio station in Chiang Mai today. The target audience of 91.75 gssm is a general group that wants to receive news and entertainment in Chiang Mai. During the day, focus on listeners listening to the radio at work, at home or in the car during the night, focusing on the general audience and the teen audience. This is a group of listeners in the Chiang Mai area, and the second is the audience in the area around. The city of Chiang Mai or the radio station broadcast.

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