Grand Radio 94.4 FM

United Kingdom

About Grand Radio 94.4 FM

Grand Radio 94.4 FM is a community radio station based in Norwich, Norfolk, England. This is an online radio station that tries its best to provide the best and latest in music 24/7. This radio broadcasts a variety of genres of music, including pop, lounge, classic, chill-out, 80s, 70s, oldies, and hits. Grand Radio 94.4 FM is known for its commitment to supporting local music and artists. The station has a regular playlist of local music, and it also hosts a number of live events featuring local artists. In addition to its music programming, this radio also broadcasts a variety of talk shows, news, and sports coverage. Our radio’s mission is to bring you the best of the musical world with lots of fun and relaxation. We are always looking for news, both in the entertainment area and in important information for your day-to-day.

Website: GrandRadio

Language: English


Frequency: 94.4 MHz FM

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