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Radio has characteristics that can not be separated in human life and a major contribution to the development of mass communication. Armed with that intention as well as a collection of songs that GES RADIO have, finally … on., GES RADIO have agreed to set up a radio broadcast, with taking GESradio Voice name or by the name Anakim Swarane 1206AM Genah air. Because GES RADIO want to bring the song – the best version of the traditional song that GES RADIO are promoting. In the middle of the plurality of radio broadcasts in Indonesia, GES RADIO want to be different and brought the song – the song and shoot targets lovers of song – the song of its time. But without forgetting to present informative and educative element to the listeners. Not solely is also dominated by Javanese song, first we also like the song keroncong, which is very rare broadcast program owned by another radio station.

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Country: Indonesia

Application: GES RADIO App

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