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Listening to the radio is a personal experience and the greatest strength of radio is that he is in fact a secondary medium, which means you can listen uninterrupted, while driving a car, doing household activities, while surfing the Internet and the like. Our goal is to always give listeners a fresh, objective information and great entertainment.

Radio ZENIT is open to listeners of all ages, ethnic, religious and political beliefs.

Radio ZENIT conceived the idea of realization of program content entertaining and informative character without much interference in politics and political commentary.

Détails du contact-

Site Internet: www.zenit.ba

Email: marketing@zenit.ba

Facebook: zenitzenica

Numéro de contact: +387 32 404-004

Adresse: Huseina Kulenovića 2 (RK Zeničanka, 3. sprat) 72000 Zenica, Bosnie Herzégovine.

Frequency: 100.7 FM

Pays: Bosnie Herzégovine

Application: Zenit FM App

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