Teatrul National Radiofonic

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Teatrul National Radiofonic broadcasts a diverse range of locally and nationally produced programs, à la fois musique et parole, en stéréo hi-fi. Here you will discover data about the collection of the National Radio Theater, the program for broadcasting plays and shows with a radio venue profile on Radio Romania, insights regarding plays and dispersions, forward-thinking data about the action of the Theater Editorial Office, public tryouts, assessments about radio theater, photographs from records and the SRR chronicle.

Détails du contact

Site Internet: tnr.srr.ro

Facebook: teatrulnationalradiofonic

Twitter: eteatruro

Wikipédia: Teatrul_Național_Radiofonic

Pays: Roumanie

Genres: Comedy, Culture, Drama, Parler

Application: Teatrul National Radiofonic App

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