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Rowad FM is an online radio station that educates and entertains its listeners at the same time. It is broadcasting from Jordan and a community radio station that focuses on educational, social, cultural, and religious topics. The radio aims to provide its listeners with useful and interesting information, as well as entertainment and inspiration. It was created by a group of young people who wanted to create a platform for dialogue and exchange among the Jordanian society. Rowad FM covers various issues and events that are relevant to the Jordanian people. Such as education, health, environment, economy, politics, sports, arts, and more. The radio also features programs and shows that showcase the diversity and richness of the Jordanian culture and heritage. Covers music, poetry, literature, history, and more. This is a radio station that educates and entertains its listeners with its selection of topics and programs around the clock.


Language: Arabic

WhatsApp: 00962789005050

Genre: Cultural, Education, Entertainment, Music, Various

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