RFT Carnevale

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RFT Carnevale broadcasts 24/7, they play nonstop dance, électronique, R’n’B, hip-hop music live on the internet. RFT Radio surprises you, entertains you! The great hits of the moment and the great hits of the past. RFT Carnevale main vision is to play what their listeners will listen or if saying the other way what their listeners would like to listen.

Détails du contact

Site Internet: rft-carnevale

Facebook: RadioTicino

Twitter: radioticino

Instagram: radioticino

Email: diretta@radioticino.com

Numéro de contact: +41 840 561 515

Adresse: Via B. Varenna 18 6600 Locarno, Suisse

Pays: Suisse

Genres: / / /

Application: RFT Carnevale App

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