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RAI Radio Tre is an Italian radio channel operated by the state-owned public-broadcasting organization RAI and specializing in culture and classical music. Fondé en 1950 as the Terzo program, RAI Radio Tre was loosely based on its British namesake, the BBC Third Program, which had been established in 1946. It adopted its current name in 1976. Programming is focused on the cultural sphere in RAI Radio Tre: classical and avant-garde music (including live concerts), drama, Littérature, history, philosophy, religion and mythology. C'est l'une des stations de radio les plus populaires de ce pays parmi les gens de tous âges. Outre ses programmes musicaux, cette station de radio organise également de nombreux autres programmes occasionnellement.

Site officiel : www.radio3.rai.it

Pays: Italie

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