Radio Gup-Shup 94.3 FM


About Radio Gup-Shup 94.3 FM

Radio Gup-Shup 94.3 FM started its musical and infotainment journey from Guwahati in 2006, and today it is poised to cover more than 60% of the geographical area of seven states in the North Eastern Region. Proudly local, this is the one and only local radio frequency in a wave of national radio stations heard in the Northeast. All our on-air programs and formats are designed by our local team of experts exclusively for our local listeners. Radio Gup-Shup 94.3 FM’s non-stop broadcast includes not just your favorite hits from popular musicians and artists from the region but also interviews with local celebrities and communities, shows that highlight public concerns, radio dramas, segments on local folklore, sports updates, rocking DJ sessions, and more, in languages that feel like ‘home’.



FaceBook: gupshupfm

Twitter: @gupshupfm94

Instagram: gupshup94.3fm

YouTube: gupshup94.3fm

Language: Hindi

Contact Number: +91 75770 37073

Address: Divine Plaza 6th Floor , Dispur, India, Assam

Frequency: 94.3 FM

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