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Radio Eibiza English is an online radio from France. It’s the only English-speaking radio by its parent radio network which is a music lover’s paradise in France. The network airs a diverse and electrifying range of radio stations each based on a specific music theme. This is the radio that airs its programs in English and features a lot of international music hits from top charts and hidden gems. It covers dance, rock, pop, club, rap, and hip-hop music. This makes Radio Eibiza English a radio that caters to the listeners who enjoy music from the English-speaking world.



FaceBook: EibizaRadiogroup

Twitter: EibizaRadio

Instagram: radio_eibiza

Language: French

Contact Number: +33671229870

Address: 31B rue de la Fraternite 90000 Belfort

PlayStore: RadioEibiza

Genre: Dance, Hip-Hop, Pop, Rap, Rock

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