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The most chorused choruses in the celebrations of Cordovan festivals of the last part of the last century XX and beginnings of the present are marked by fire by the rhythm of the glorious tunga-tunga. The life of the quartet began in the dust that raised the espadrales espadrilles of the towns of the interior (“old Columbus Square, on your beautiful nights”), then spread to other neighboring provinces (“Open, open your umbrella, Raining “), to end up hovering in the neighborhood clubs of this city (” that eats you, that eats you, that eats you the werewolf “), becoming the nocturnal ritual of joy (” mermaid sirenen, firemen arrived “) Of the most humble social sectors (“cut the hair, stubble”) before sweeping with differences and getting everyone to catch the train (“and feet well together to the ground are chi-chi-tea”), and assume as Cordovan flag to the whole country (“who has taken all the wine oh-oh).

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