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Ibicarai Web Radio is a Brazilian radio station that broadcasts over the internet. It is located in Ibicarai, Bahia, and started broadcasting in 2014. The station plays a variety of music genres, including MPB, pop, eclectic, Roche. It also broadcasts news, des sports, and talk shows. Enjoy nonstop, the ultimate mix of musical playback. Ibicarai Web Radio have a cult fanbase, and the radio wants to attract them with their thoughtful full execution of best-in-class mix musical shows. Listen to the quality tune on this radio to accompany your day.

Site Internet: ibicaraiwebradio.com

Langue: Português

Email: sandovalnovais@yahoo.com.br

Numéro de contact: +073 98158-3188

WhatsApp: +073991421511

Adresse: Praça Assis Araújo, 192 – Centro

Genres: Eclectic, MPB, Pop, Roche

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