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Fan Radio was founded in 2009. Rooms “Fan Radio” are in Bajina Basti. Our goal is that in the coming years, the size and number of competition, impose a higher standard of complete radio program. Fan Radio will show and prove that it is possible to fight for their place in a large number of listeners only quality programs and services. The program is entertaining a wide audience of us recognized by modern identity. If you’re a fan of good music then the waves of Fan Radio satisfy your senses. Your musical greens meet daily from 10h to 24h. All you have to do is to type in sms “FAN” so your music cabbage and podrav, and send it to number 1299. If you are abroad you use a SIM Serbian provider. Your message will be read and implemented. As the “Fan Radio” known for the fact that listens to its listeners, Fan Radio tried to informative part of the program is a short but effective. Duty team, listeners quickly inform about current events both in Bajina Basti and surrounding area and in the country. Join the best, be a step ahead. Enjoy with Fan Radio Bajina Basta.

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Genres: Folk, Pop

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