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United Arab Emirates
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About Exclusively Beatles – HITS

Exclusively Only The Hits From Your Favourite Artists. It’s a radio station based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Exclusively Beatles – HITS plays the best hits of The Beatles. The Beatles, an English rock band formed in Liverpool in 1960. They are considered one of the most influential and popular bands of all time, and their music has had a lasting impact on popular culture. Furthermore, The Beatles, with their groundbreaking sound, timeless lyrics, and cultural influence, have solidified their place in the world music history. In essence, Exclusively Beatles – HITS is a cherished destination for those who appreciate the innovation, creativity, and genius of The Beatles.

Website: www.play.exclusive.radio

Email: radio@exclusive.radio

FaceBook: Exclusive.Radio

Twitter: @ExclusiveRadio_

Instagram: Exclusive.Radio

Language: Arabic

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