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United Arab Emirates
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About Exclusively Annie Lennox – HITS

Exclusively Only The Hits From Your Favorite Artists. Exclusively Annie Lennox – HITS is a new addition to the already big family of thematic radio stations by Exclusively radio. This is a radio station based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

History of Exclusively Annie Lennox – HITS:

It broadcasts the best hits of Annie Lennox, a Scottish singer-songwriter who rose to fame as the lead singer of the Eurythmics in the 1980s. Lennox has had a successful solo career as well, releasing six studio albums and winning numerous awards, including eight Grammy Awards. Annie Lennox, known for her mesmerizing voice and thought-provoking lyrics, has left an indelible mark on the music industry. Exclusively Annie Lennox – HITS is to enjoy the finest songs by this legendary singer. The radio plays homage to her incredible talent by curating a playlist that features her most beloved and groundbreaking songs.


The radio station plays a variety of Lennox’s music, including her hits with the Eurythmics, her solo material, and her covers of other artists’ songs. It also features interviews with Lennox’s friends and colleagues, as well as stories about her life and career.
This is a popular radio station in the UAE. It is listened to by people of all ages, who appreciate Lennox’s powerful vocals and her message of empowerment. If you are a fan of Annie Lennox or if you just want to listen to some of her great music, then you should tune in to Exclusively Annie Lennox – HITS. You won’t be disappointed.


Exclusively Annie Lennox – HITS not only celebrates the timeless appeal of Annie Lennox’s music but also introduces her work to new audiences, allowing them to discover and appreciate her exceptional talent. It serves as a platform for fans in the UAE and beyond to immerse themselves in her evocative melodies and thought-provoking lyrics.

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