UG KC Underground Radio

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UG KC Underground Radio is an internet radio station that broadcasts awesome hits and the songs you missed from the 80s music 24/7. It curates a large selection of different hits of music selection from ​Arena Rock, College Rock, Hair Metal, Heartland Rock, Jangle Pop, New Wave, and Euro Pop. This is a musical time machine that transports listeners back to the vibrant and iconic era of the 1980s. Nestled in the heart of the USA, UG KC Underground Radio has a unique mission – to keep the spirit of the 80s alive through its playlist. It offers a nostalgic journey through the iconic sounds of the decade, reminding us all that great music is timeless.



FaceBook: ugkcradio

YouTube: UgKcRadio

Language: English

Géneros: Euro Pop, Jangle Pop, New Wave, Rock

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