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Seiyun Radio 89.5 is broadcasting in Hadramaut Governorate, Yemen. This is “the voice of the citizen and the ear of authority.” It was established in 1973 through voluntary efforts, and it provides various community interactive programs. Programs includes songs and news bulletins, through which it strives to be close to citizens and contribute to solving their problems and daily issues. Moreover, its broadcast covers large areas of Hadramaut, which represents a third of the area of Yemen, and some neighboring governorates, and it can also be followed all over the world via the Internet. Seiyun Radio 89.5 was able to win a large public base, because it was and is still interesting with its topics that touch the citizens daily life issues.


Email: [email protected]

FaceBook: seiyunradio

Gorjeo: @seiyunradio

Instagram: seiyunradio

YouTube: SeiyunRadio

Language: Arabic

Contact Number: +967 775 555 259

WhatsApp: 009675405555

Address: Saywun, Yemen

Frequency: 89.5 FM

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