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About RFM Latinas

RFM Latinas radio plays the smoothest Latin music you have ever heard. This is the free and easiest way to enjoy your favorite pop and Latin music all day long. All the good titles in Latin music are covered. Online radio is the easiest way to engage with the best of the best musical programs. RFM Latinas radio mission is to bring you the best of the musical world with lots of fun and relaxation. They are always looking for news, both in the entertainment area and in important information for your day-to-day life.

Website: rfmlatinas

FaceBook: rfmoficial

Gorjeo: @rfmportugal

Instagram: rfmportugal

YouTube: @RFMsoGrandesMusicas

Wikipedia: RFM

Language: Português

Email: mail@rfm.pt

Contact Number: +351 21 323 9200

WhatsApp: +962007888

Address: Quinta do Bom Pastor, Estrada da Buraca 8-12, 1549-025 Lisboa

PlayStore: RFM: so grandes musicas.

AppStore: RFM: so grandes musicas

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