Radio WMW – Schlager Radio

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Radio WMW – Schlager Radio is broadcasting by accentuating the theme of the radio well it has easily become one of the interesting media for online radio listeners to pass their time. The radio and its programs along with presentation all match the theme and vision of the radio so well that listeners fall in love with the programs immediately after tuning in.

Detalles de contacto-

Sitio web:


Facebook: radiowmw.westmuensterland

Instagram: radiowmw

Wikipedia: Radio_WMW

Idioma: alemán

Número de contacto: +49 800 7755010

Habla a: Heinrich-Hertz-Straße 6 46325 Borken, Alemania

Frequency: 88.4 FM, 93.0 FM, 97.6 FM, 103.6 FM

País: Alemania


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