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Alhamdulillah praise only belongs to God Subhaanahu wata’aala Rabb universe Nature, Greeting and shalawat may always pour upon our Prophet Muhammad Shallallohu ‘alaihi wasallam Prophet leader of the Prophet.
Amma ba’du;
With Rahmat and His gift, as the form of ease that God has given us, we hope that the site which is also the Islamic Dakwah Site of Ahlussunnah Waljama’ah, can benefit the Muslims especially in cyberspace.
We hope that as little as we do, it is a sincere practice worthy of worship in the presence of Allah Subhaanahu wata’aala, with whom we hope for His Glorious Face.
Allah Subhaanahu wata’aala said:
“Whoever works good dzarrahpun, surely he will see it”.
(Q. Az-Zalzalah: 7)

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