Conexion Abierta


About Conexion Abierta

The project comes the day September 21, 2008, based on the need to inform the community, Abierta Interamericana University.
Our main goal is to communicate the values ​​that the institution has pondering cultural, educational and social issues.
It started with programs made by students, totaling over time independent productions. Currently, we have the addition of more than 70 programs with putting in the air.
The contents are carried out with a pluralistic approach in content and form, following and respecting the guidelines that shape our university.
Conexion Abierta aim at an average age of 20-60 years old, students, workers and professionals. They invest their time and expertise into new opportunities and technologies.
Open Connection has the benefit of passing through fiber optics, which allows to reach large numbers of homes anywhere in the world, uncut transmission and sound quality 128 Kbytes.

Conexion Abierta official website address is

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