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B96 The Block is a radio station from the United States by the popular Flee Radio Network team. It plays hip hop and trap music. The radio is popular among young people and is known for its fresh and up-to-date music selection. Although the radio is liked by younger listeners, the radio itself is to entertain listeners of all age group. As long as you are a fan of hip hop and trap music, B96 The Block is ready to entertain you whenever you tune in to the radio. It’s your go-to station for these awesome musical experience, and will keep you grooving no matter where you are in the USA.

Sitio web: www.fleetradionetwork.com

Email: fleetdjradio@gmail.com


Gorjeo: @fleetdjradio

Instagram: FleetRadioNetwork

Idioma: Inglés

Habla a: Charlotte, NC, Estados Unidos, North Carolina.

Géneros: Hip hop, Trap

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