United Kingdom

About 1 LTN

1 LTN is a radio station that serves the community of Luton, England. It is a station that features a mix of music and talk shows that reflect the diversity and vibrancy of the town. It plays a variety of genres, from pop to rock, from hip hop to reggae, from jazz to classical. Furthermore, it also hosts engaging and informative talk shows that cover topics such as local news, sports, culture, health, education, and entertainment. This is a station that aims to be the voice of Luton, providing a platform for people to share their opinions, stories, and talents. 1 LTN is a station that is passionate about music and talk, and strives to deliver quality content that is relevant, inspiring, and enjoyable.

Website: www.1-ltn.co.uk

FaceBook: 1ltn

Language: English

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