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The best music is continuously played on Electro Mix Leo radio. Brazil’s Maranhao serves as the transmission location. This radio station is ideal for Brazilian listeners because it plays groovy music with a good beat. For followers of global EDM music, Electro, which is connected to Estacao Mix Leo, is fully from the electronic genre! Lots of enjoyable music is available to listen to. Invite your friends to feel this energy! A station with songs for all musical preferences and ages! Join the Estacao Mix Leo online radio station community to listen to the best songs to complement your day as they provide you with the most recent information from the nation and the region.

Website: estacaomixleo.ezyro.com

FaceBook: estacaomixleo

Twitter: @EstacaoMixLeo

Language: Português

Email: estacaomixleo@gmail.com

Address: Itapecuru Mirim, MA

Genres: Dance, EDM, Electronic, Oldies

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