About DJ FM

DJFM – Kiev dance radio station, has gained huge popularity in a short time is phenomenal. – Today DJFM occupies a strong position in the top 5 most popular stations in Kiev. – DJFM – is an accessible resource of actual flow of information, filed against the backdrop of modern music. DJ FM maximally open to the listener. – DJFM – a game in all its manifestations, and the close involvement of the audience in this game: interactive, promotions, contests, flash mobs, BTL. – DJFM – branded it shows the best DJs in the world and Ukraine , an exclusive chat with the stars of the international dance scene, the ability to keep abreast of the trends of modern life. DJFM Benefits – modern, popular, dance radio station. Active dynamics of development. – 200,000 listeners daily – High brand loyalty. The longest time constant of listening audience. – Combined communication with the audience: in addition to radio broadcasts contact support through the integration of gaming, internet, BTL, flash mobs, public events, etc. – Ability to attract sponsors and partners in the off-line projects DJFM. Listeners DJFM – active buyers and consumers: a large part of the audience – wealthy and highly affluent. DJ FM official website address is

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