Radio Studio M


About Radio Studio M

Since that day, we slowly won – no land, no glory, no money – but your heart. We tried gently, with a lot of love to get to you, our listeners. Today, after 17 years, we are happy and satisfied. You are us open our hearts and souls, and we gave you a lot of joy and happiness. We never did, and even today we do not talk as much as we are strong, large, most listened, because there is one criterion that can not be measured by any one study, nor erase the power of “big”.

We are your favorite – the reason does not matter, it is important that this is so. Our sound vibrations touching Prelog, Èakovec, Varazdin, Ludbreg, Koprivnica, New Marof neighboring Slovenia and Hungary, and through live streaming, listen to us and continues throughout the world!




Language: Croatian

Contact Number: 040 655 510

Address: Murska 46, 40320 Donji Kraljevec.

Frequency: 98.8 FM

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