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Radio is a foreign country is broadcasting from New Orleans, Louisiana. This is a not-for-profit radio platform and mixtape series that showcases obscure and fascinating music from around the world. It collects and mixes sounds from various sources, such as international radio broadcasts, field recordings, vintage records, and online archives. You will hear music that you have never heard before, from genres and cultures that are often overlooked by mainstream media. Radio is a foreign country is more than just a radio station, it is also a research project and a cultural exchange. Its mission is to explore new and old ways of making radio, and to share the richness and diversity of global musical traditions. This is the radio that will open your ears and your mind.


Email: [email protected]

FaceBook: radioisaforeigncountry

Instagram: radioisaforeigncountry

YouTube: RadioisaForeignCountry

Language: English

Address: 5108 Mandeville St, New Orleans, Lousiana 70122 Usa

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