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Radio Fusion is the joint programming of the Municipais Galegas Emisoras. EMUGA makes a grill with spaces 24 hours a day that serves the 30 local radio stations operating in Galicia. It aims to serve as a complement to proximity communication, a true reason for being of this type of media. Radiofusion is also a speaker, a channel for the messages and demands of social, cultural, sports, union, business groups … It also puts its grain of sand in the search for gender equality, for the social integration of disadvantaged groups , like immigrants. The empowerment of rural areas, grassroots sports or women entrepreneurs are other objectives of our programs.

Contact Info:
Casa do Concello 15500, Fene (A Coruna), Spain
Phone: +34 981 492 775
Radiofusion website address is
Spitze 10 Spain Radio Stations
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