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It all began in 1987 with a group of 6 people working with Vanilla Radio. A year later, their issue is deleted without even giving them time to warn their listeners. They think thus to create their own radio especially to promote Portuguese culture in Indre-et-Loire.
They then founded an association called Radio Antenne Portuguese whose aim was to set up a private radio station on the FM band. Its creation was long and full of obstacles: they began by making pirate broadcasts. In 1990, they are the steps to ask the CSA and the CTR authorization to issue radio broadcasts, all this finally became official June 6, 1990: RAP transmits on FM 90.9. Located in the center of Portuguese Tours 1991 to 1993, they are victims of vandals who destroy the antenna. The mayor of Ballan Mire in May 1993 gives them a place where Radio Vanilla issued at 9 Tessier Well Street. The radio is installed in a former military shelter of a few square meters and uncomfortable. The management of RAP after working in difficult conditions, finally decides to renew the premises.

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