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Play Urban Montenegro is a radio station that broadcasts a diverse playlist of new and classic urban songs from around the world. You will love its presentation of music the moment you hear the radio. All of its programs and songs are curated by experienced DJs in urban music scene. Featuring a variety of urban subgenres such as hip hop, RnB, trap, and reggaeton, it has become a complete radio among all kinds of urban music fans. Play Urban Montenegro is an ideal radio station for urban music enthusiasts and those looking to explore the genre. Tune in today and start enjoying the best of urban music.



FaceBook: playradiomne

Language: Serbian

Contact Number: +382 20 234 838

Address: Bul. Dzordza Vasingtona 56/6, 81000 Podgorica

Genres: Hip Hop, Reggaeton, RnB, Trap, Urban

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