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Play Rock Montenegro is a sister radio from Play Radio, and it’s broadcasting from Podgorica, Montenegro. This radio is meant to entertain the fans of rock music. All the hottest rock hits from Montenegro’s finest rock musicians as well as internation trending rock hit, This plays all of them. This is the perfect way to stay up-to-date on the latest rock music scene and discover new bands. The radio also supports new rock bands and promotes their music too. The radio has a large following across the country and becoming more and more popular among rock music fans across the globe. So, Play Rock is your perfect companion that with rock your day with the hottest rock songs in trending.



FaceBook: playradiomne

Language: Serbian

Contact Number: +382 20 234 838

Address: Bul. Dzordza Vasingtona 56/6, 81000 Podgorica

Genres: Rock

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