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A mix of pop, tanzen, house, hip hop and R’n’B – the last 11 years – this is HOTnow!, the new young wave of krix FM. From morning to evening current music from the international charts, a lifestyle and entertainment mix for the 14-39-year-olds, which is contemporary produced and represents young radio in 2020. It’s not just the German music stars and newcomers who wouldn’t be on the radio anywhere else. No, in the evenings and especially on weekends, fans of the electronic music scene will get their money’s worth. HOTnow! knows what the young target group wants: the latest tracks, shows of the hottest DJs.




Kontakt Nummer: 02367/2780347

Adresse: Alter Kirchplatz 2, 44581 Castrop Rauxel

Land: Deutschland

Genres: / / / /

Anwendung: Krix+ HOTnow! App

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