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For more than 34 Jahre, originator of Dimension Latina William Santiago has filled Rochester’s wireless transmissions with Spanish Programming. Facilitating the longest running Spanish radio show in Rochester New York. Of Puerto Rican drop, he moved to Rochester at 13 years old with his folks and two siblings. At a youthful age, he was constantly inspired by music and was frequently entranced by television show telecasters. He will consistently recall his dad letting him know “You truly ramble for a young man, when you grow up you will be a legal advisor they also consistently have a great deal to state” Upon moving on from Benjamin Franklin High School at 17 years old years old he joined the United States Navy. In the wake of leaving the Navy he chose that instrument and bite the dust was something that intrigued him. So he took on a six-month machining course. It wasn’t until the age of 28 as he sold land and filled in as an administrator for a neighborhood machine shop. That William would find while doing a radio show fragment on land. That he would spend a decent piece of his life behind an amplifier.


Webseite: miradio.com

Twitter: latinohope

Email: Rochestermail@gmail.com

Kontakt Nummer: (585) 310-2350

Adresse: P.O. Box 26403, Rochester, NY 14626, Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika

Land: Vereinigte Staaten


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