88.7 Insania FM Sorong

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88.7 Insania FM Sorong is among the best thematic radio station broadcaster in Indonesia. They have plentiful radio station based on a specific region and each of their radios are meant to produce the kind of programs that are preferred by the listeners of that particular region. It is a radio by them meant for the listeners of Indonesia.

Website: www.insaniafm.com/887-insania-fm-sorong

Email: insaniagorontalo@insaniafm.com

FaceBook: insaniafm

Twitter: @insaniafm

Language: Indonesian

Contact Number: +62951-3171336

Address: Jl. KH. Ahmad Dahlan No. 1 Kelurahan Mariat Pantai, Distrik Aimas, Kabupaten Sorong – Papua Barat, 98457

Frequency: 88.7 FM

Genres: Islamic, Music, Various

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