CJLY Kootenay


About CJLY Kootenay

CJLY Kootenay uses its facilities and the initiative and skills of its membership to create a medium for balanced expression of the varied perspectives of our community.KCR aims to entertain and inform listeners through its commitment to innovative broadcast journalismand high quality programming. CJLY Kootenay Radio is excited to offer the fourth annual Summer Youth Radio Camp! Campers will hang out at the station and receive fun, hands-on activities that teach them about the wonderful world of community radio, as well as how to produce a high-quality radio show! Join us for a truly unique camp experience this summer. CJLY Kootenay Camp is the only camp in Nelson that teaches kids between the ages of 9 and 12 how to be a real live radio star! CJLY Kootenay website address is kootenaycoopradio.com

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