About CJIM

CJIM is a Montreal-based web radio station that is everything a rock station ought to be. Cool, bleeding edge and about the music.

CJIM was established by James Goring more than 30 years prior. As a novice circle racer, Jim had an energy for incredible music and awesome radio. Before anybody had known about podcasts, Jim created his shows on tapes then provided for them out to companions. The shows got much praise due in huge part as far as anyone is concerned of, and enthusiasm for, a wide mixed bag of musical styles. Sound tapes have since gone the method for floppy plates, yet the soul of CJIM is still all that much alive.

With the approach of Internet-based sound gushing, CJIM has discovered another voice and group of onlookers. After thirty years its still about the music. CJIM’s organization is rock, yet our definition is much more extensive than business radio. From the 1960s to the present, from dynamic rock to substantial metal, from option to jazz-rock combination.

CJIM official website address is cjim.ca

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