Cadena SER Palma de Mallorca

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Through this page you can find the island of Mallorca, this vantage Mediterranean enclave of world tourism, which has been so great hostel characters as the Archduke Luis Salvador, Robert Graves, Chopin or Joan Miró. “Browse” between the waves emitted RADIO MALLORCA, it is a way to discover this unique island, which is much more than sun and beach. The sound of our station collects sentiment and vital pulsations of this special land. From today’s hottest, through interviews, reports, talk shows, to sports, radio programming MALLORCA clearly reflects the profile of the inhabitants of this island, as well as the general atmosphere that permeates the everyday events of this beautiful place. We invite you to take a walk through Mallorca through our airwaves.

Country: Spain

Application: Cadena SER Palma de Mallorca App

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