Vibe 98.9 FM

Cayman Island

About Vibe 98.9 FM

This Caribbean is really a accurate melting container as well as Vibe 98.9 FM, stirs which container through connecting having every single area of the location. Broadcasting through the Paramount Dojos from the Cayman Hawaiian islands, Vibe 98.9 FM is touching your entire array on the Caribbean, through the Latin community, to everyone your isle nations comprise the initial persona on the Western world Indies.

Vibe 98.9 FM Audio would be the sound on the Caribbean coming from Soca & Calypso to Reggae & Salsa, Dance Hall, Urban, Reggae as well as R&B. Vibe 98.9 FM designed as well as created our personal special file format having specific VJ’s (VIBE Jocks) which engage in as well as rotate dwell On-Air.

Vibe 98.9 FM official website address is

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