Tumpaani Radio Nadowli

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Tumpaani Radio Nadowli is a modern infotainment radio station dedicated to improving the socio-cultural existence of human beings dwelling withinside the Upper West region. Is a personal business radio station in Wa and presently transmits at 1kW which covers approx. 80% of the Upper West region. This Radio is dedicated to pleasing listeners via music, arts and cultural programming. They spotlight the inventive expertise of the network through showcasing nearby artists protecting a spectrum of expression from conventional to experimental- reflecting the numerous cultures they serve.

Website: tumpaanifm88.5mhz

FaceBook: Tumpaani RADIO 88.5mhz

Email: aaronsuglo26@gmail.com

Contact Number: 233543337884

Address: Tumpaani Radio Nadowli

Frequency: 88.5 mhz

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Tumpaani Radio Nadowli | راديو مباشر على الانترنت