About SolFM

SolFM – Radio youth without hesitation, a product of the process and academic experience over many years, of those who made it and its employees, almost the first of its kind in Palestine, Palestinian youth specialized radio online, based craft and professional equipment and studios and programs.

Rely on broadcast Butna 24 actual hours and pay attention for each hour of the 24 hour listening to it and the height of the system …

SolFM rely on our launch a range of youth programs led by President program entitled “storytelling not like the Chouf” which offers over 4 days a week from nine o’clock until eleven pm.

In addition to other variety of programs, which will be announced with our official launch on 15.06.2014, including a program entitled “Music letter” provided by the poet and one of the founders of Hossam Ghannam Palestinian saloon for literary “and participant in many festivals at the local level and the Arab .

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