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مذياع 101.3 FM started its activities in Xanxerê the municipality on 25 شهر فبراير 1987. It was founded by entrepreneurs xanxerenses and has its studios located in Travessa John Winckler and transmitters in Street Dolvino Cavagnolli the high Bairro Vila Cézamo.

Currently, مذياع 101.3 FM has 16 direct and indirect employees, highly qualified professionals for different departments of the Issuer.

Its entertainment programming, موسيقى, informational, cultural journalism and providing services, من بين أمور أخرى, are the taste and has the preference of thousands of listeners not only in the city of Xanxerê, but also in the large western region of Santa Catarina, Southwest Paraná and northwest of Rio Grande do Sul.

With its signal coming in approximately 180 municipalities, currently the Radio 101.3 FM is characterized as one of the most powerful stations in the west of Santa Catarina.

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بلد: البرازيل

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