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It was the beginning of the 80s when the radio was born a few years earlier by the passion of a pioneering group of guys, closed inexorably crushed by market.
It was 2007, when the same group of “boys” with a bold operation that knew even unconsciousness and enthusiasm of those early years, reopened the old headquarters of the radio and gave off the operation of rebirth.
Today Radio Radioactive has become a Web Radio, a radio on-line, which does not transmit more over the air, but in digital form, and listening with a computer through a normal connection to the Internet.
Ours is a traditional schedule, as it was in the years of free radio, a lot of good music as well as news of general interest, cultural information and a few notes, a mix of programs made with the simplicity of one who does things for fun.
In Radioactive Online finds place those who still want to do, to get involved and do it with the right attitude and spirit without bias.
This is why we want this issuer does not become a vicious nostalgia reserved for a few, but it can grow with the other guys, those young kids that in an ideal railings, in their own way, and with a sincere spirit, as we did, manage to invest enthusiasm and creativity.
So strongly again, as you said in those years …

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