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The Radio Star Blowout in 2014 was also an anniversary edition. 30th, the feast was a success with a vengeance. As the application program has grown after his return, the increasing interest in the food festival. Like a year earlier, in 2014 a “grand cru”Have returned two “veterans” of Radio Star joined back at the past year Radio Star. We are really happy with the return of Andy Van Aerde. He takes care of the IT studio and take in live broadcasts and in application program at Evi the mixing itself. Yet another Andy has returned after years of absence. Gino Vleeschouwer (DJ Andy De Bruyn) On Saturday afternoon a two hour live program. In January 2014 it was a shock. When driving through the Pepper Street, we noticed that our old location – Pepper 17, was razed to the ground. Road building, antenna away. Pepper Street will never be the same. Radio Star 106.5 FM official website address is

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