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Radio Power Hits Brazil is the radio of the 22nd century. It’s a modern-day online radio station for the entertainment of listeners of all ages. It’s live 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, broadcasting programs on Pop music, news, information, and more. Enjoy nonstop, the ultimate mix of musical playback. Mix music has a cult fanbase, and the radio wants to attract them with their thought-out execution of best-in-class mix musical shows. Radio Power Hits Brazil hopes you enjoy this radio, where they return to the traditional FM where you could listen to Music.

Website: RadioPowerHitsBrazil

FaceBook: Power hits radio da familia

Instagram: powerhitsradioweb

Language: Português


Contact Number: +11 939011343

WhatsApp: +11939011343

الأنواع: Pop

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Radio Power Hits Brazil | راديو مباشر على الانترنت