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Radio Pontual FM aims to appeal to a wide range of listeners with programming that is designed to be engaging, informative, and entertaining. It covers a broad range of programs, including local and national news, sports, lifestyle, pop music, and culture, catering to the interests of a diverse audience. Music helps us relax, entertain, and inspire us. Radio Pontual FM usually connects some part of music or sound to every situation in our lives. Whenever there is an important event, music is one of the main guests.


Language: Português

Contact Number: +(35) 3865-1458

WhatsApp: +5535999514346

Address: Rua da Floresta Bairro Floresta Cana Verde -MG CEP: 37267-000

Frequency: 104.9 MHz FM

الأنواع: ثقافة, Pop, Sports, يتحدث

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