Radio Planeta 100.6

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Radio project “PLANETA” on recurrence 100,6 Mhz FM stereo, RDS systems , and covering 24 our own every day on fundamental domain of Novi Sad .
Radio is set at road Filip Visnjic no. 5a, began with TV in March 2003.
Music idea is focused around brilliant YU and EX-YU creation.
Our young expert group is extremely given to making promoting system, so you can see our bulletins on every successive area on domain of Novi Sad.
“Planeta” telecast is one of driving in Novi Sad on the premise of the most recent examination which was composed by the org “Key MARKETING” from Belgrade.

Radio Planeta 100.6 official website address is

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Radio Planeta 100.6 | راديو مباشر على الانترنت