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Radio Narcea 107.5 FM is a radio station based in Asturias, Spain. It was founded in 1985 by a group of local residents. They wanted to provide a voice for the community. Radio Narcea is committed to provide its listeners with local news, information, and entertainment. It features a variety of entertainment programs. Including music, talk shows, and contests. The station also broadcasts live sporting events from the Narcea Valley. Furthermore, it’s committed to provide its listeners with the latest news and information from the Narcea Valley. Radio Narcea 107.5 FM is an all-in-one radio medium for music, entertainment, news and more for the locals and radio listeners from across Spain.




تويتر: @radionarceatv

Language: Spanish

Address: El fuejo s/n, Cangas de Narcea, Spain

Frequency: 107.5 FM

الأنواع: Entertainment, Music, أخبار, Sports, Various

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