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Radio Malda 90.4 FM is a leading online radio station. It plays popular Bangla songs, news programs, Hindi songs and more. It has a variety of programs, from music and entertainment to information and education. This is not just radio, it’s a service. It serves the people of Malda and nearby areas, by providing them with quality content and useful information. Immerse yourself in the rhythmic charm of Bangla music as we curate a collection of the finest tracks that have dominated the charts. Malda FM is the radio station that cares for you and your preference. It’s the radio station that makes you enjoy music. Listen to Radio Malda 90.4 FM and enjoy the best radio service.


FaceBook: Radiomalda

Language: Bangla

Contact Number: +91 95939 04904

Address: Malda, India

Frequency: 90.4 FM

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