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Radio Encuentro Lujan is a mission that attempts to expose Argentina to the advances carried out in education, science, technology, economics, and politics that can retain at the course undertaken between 2003 and 2015. Information is essential in their days, and those styles of broadcasters satisfy an essential undertaking in their society, it’s miles the nearest data to citizens. They need to sell using unfastened software programs on network radio. For this reason, “Radio Encuentro Lujan” is a radio that works absolutely with the unfastened software programs.


FaceBook: Radio Encuentro

تويتر: @radioencuentrok

Language: Español


Contact Number: +54 2323 36-5586

Address: Luján,Buenos Aires 6700

Frequency: Luján, 98.5 MHz FM

الأنواع: Latin, أخبار, Pop

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